New Kaes Street Art around London

Next up we are taking a look back at a trio of works placed up through 2022 by Spanish born, but London based, street artist Kaes across East and South-East London. Much of the work this artist has produced over the last few years has been heavily focused on exploring social media and our relationship with it, looking at concepts around the level we engage with and depend on technology and seek validation from the digital realm and how this impacts on our well being, mental health, view of ourselves and the world around us. A concept he explores in a fascinating and well executed manner every time. Certainly an interesting artist and one who it is always a pleasure to see work from.

Copy of P1830250

Work by Kaes in Braithwaite Street, Shoreditch.

Copy of P1830267

Work by Kaes & Micho Gato in Braithwaite Street, Shoreditch.

Copy of P1760953

Work in Allen Gardens, Brick Lane.

Work at the Penge Rooftop Gallery, Penge. Placed up with support from London Calling Blog for SprayExhibition20.

Copy of P1970198

This striking work explored the positive role the digital world played for so many people during the pandemic, keeping people connected. 

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