New Zime, CT & Sektie Street Art in Anerley

Next up we are taking a look at a superb trio of works placed up as part of a striking production from three artists who visited London this summer, namely Zime and Sektie from the Netherlands and CT from Italy, on a set of garage doors in a housing estate in Anerley. Working to a matching colour scheme of black, orange, blue and green the three artists fused their respective graffiti, modern art and abstract styles in this harmonious run of pieces just perfectly.

We wish to say a massive thank you to Zime, CT & Sektie for spending their visit to London hanging around SE20 to support this initiative and for leaving such a captivating trio of artworks in this slick production. We would also like to say a big thank you to the generous space owner, who kindly donated a spot and trusted us to work it. The works below were placed up in St Hugh’s Road, St Hugh’s Estate, Anerley, and were put up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog for our community street art project SprayExhibition20.


Works by Zime, CT & Sektie.


Work by Zime.


Work by CT.


Work by Sektie.


Work by Zime.


Work by Ct.


Work by Sektie.

Copy of P2090478



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