The Street Art of the Penge Rooftop Gallery – Wave 6

We have had over the last ten months had the exceptional pleasure to work with the new owners and developers of the Blenheim Centre in the heart of Penge High Street, namely Clarion Housing and Hadley Property Group who are running the development of this location with a mind to utilize underused spaces on the top 3 floors of the multi-story car park to create the Penge Rooftop Gallery, a meanwhile project that has already hosted 369 individual artworks, created by local street artists and graffiti writers that live in SE20, surrounding towns, London, the UK and from as far a field as Scotland, Ireland, the Canary Islands, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Ukraine, the United States, Canada, Lebanon, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and South Africa.

We would like to offer a massive thank you to all the artists who have transformed this space. As well as massive thank you to Hadley Property Group for getting us involved as a local community group already active in the immediate area for many years now, and being so accommodating with this fantastic opportunity to be part of this set to be collective space which will see other groups and local residents use and enjoy the incredible space. As well as a big thank you to Hadley for trusting ourselves and the artists to do their own thing.

Below we have the works from the sixth makeover of the space which took place in November. You can view our main project page to see all of the other artworks that have been painted of installed at the Penge Rooftop Gallery (covered here).


Work by Zaki.

P2230276 (1)

Work by Epod 


Work by Abraham.O 


Work by Enigm. 

20221124_120229 (1)

Work by Amor.


Work by Sawce.

20221112_152933 (1)

Work by Hynt 

20221112_153425 (1)

Work by Boes.


Work by Coar.


Work by Snatch.

20221118_145024 (1)

Work by Zaki.


Work by Zadok.


Work by Oust.


Work by Decor.


Work by Core246.

20221124_120205 (2)

Work by Shauna Blanchfield.


Work by Core246.


Work by Fat Cap Sprays.

20221204_114137 (1)

Work by 7th Pencil.


Work by Hero.


Work by Bjorn Martin.


Work by Woskerksi.


Work by Aspire.


Work by Karc.


Work by Only.


Work by SkyHigh.

Work by Elena Howard.

Work by Elena Howard.

20221205_140157 (1)

Work by Elena Howard.

Work by Elena Howard.

Work by Elena Howard.

Work by Elena Howard.

Work by Elena Howard.

Work by Elena Howard.


Work by Elena Howard.

Work by Elena Howard.

Work by Elena Howard.

Work by Elena Howard.


Work by Elena Howard.

Work by Elena Howard.


Works by ThisOne x Nush, Aspire, Dreamscaper, Fat Cap Sprays, Reves x Sidok, Snatch, Amor, Trust Icon, Woskerski, SkyHigh, Bjorn Scribbles, Fat Cap Sprays, Dream Safari, Fat Cap Sprays & Epod.


Works by ThisOne x Nush, Aspire, Dreamscaper.


Work by Woskerski.


Works by Nush, Many Faceses, ThisOne, Enigm, Zaki, Epod & Enigm.


Works by Nush Poke, Aspire, Enigm & Epod.


Works by Core246 & Vinnie Nylon.


Work by Aspire.

P2250786 (1)

Works by Coar & Abraham.O.

P2240685Work by Only.


Works by DRT, Elena Howard, Trust Icon, Shauna Blanchfield & Woskerski.

Copy of P2240818

Work by Woskerski.

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