New Abraham.O Street Art ‘Broken Look’ in Finsbury Park

A new year is upon us and we look forward to sharing some of what London’s walls will offer this coming year, but first we wish to take a look at a fantastic piece placed up over the holiday period in Finsbury Park by Salvodoran street artist Abraham.O – making for the first spot we have facilitated an artwork for in North London.

Since arriving in London over the summer Abraham.O has certainly left a constant run of incredible artworks, and this latest addition to London’s streets is no exception. Whilst maintaining the grey-scale realistic portraiture dynamic of this artists work, for this piece titled Broken Look, Abraham.O has utilised this broken up space masterfully with his exquisite hand-painted paste-up effect portrait. Absolutely first-class design and execution on this piece.

We of course wish to say a big thank you to the generous space owner who kindly donated a this lovely wall and trusted us to work it. As well as offering a massive thank you to Abraham.O for visiting the area to support this initiative and for leaving such a beautiful of artwork in the process. This stunning work is located in Mountgrove Road, Finsbury Park and was put up with support from us London Calling Blog and assisted by Street Art Atlas.















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