New Enigm Street Art in Penge

For our next post we are taking a look at a fantastic recent addition to Penge by street artist Enigm placed up for our SprayExhibition20 community street art project around Penge and Anerley. Enigm is proving to be one of the most active street artists currently on London’s scene, as well as making for one of the most exciting artists to land in our city for some time. Taking a rich illustrative style heavily influenced by a cross-hatching approach Enigm’s work has a very historically old-fashioned quality, the technique and colour-scheme brings to mind drawings from the Victorian era, which add so much to the surreal otherworldly scenes this artists concocts. For this particular work we love how Enigm has utilised the beautiful raw brick on offer and incorporated it so brilliantly into his design.

We would like to offer a big thank you to the space owner for allowing us to find an artist to again transform their properties. As well as a massive thank you to Enigm for coming by to support this initiative and for leaving such a fantastic pair of artworks for us to enjoy in the process. This stunning work can be found in Penge and was put up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog.














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