New Core246 Graffiti around South-East London

Next up we are taking a look at a series of four works we have seen recently around South-East London from one of our favourite graffiti writers in London, namely Core246. This writer/artist has an incredible range in his creative output and really can paint it all. Below we have a trio of works placed up on the relatively recently established legal wall in Crystal Palace park – the first shared below offers a lovely nod to the local resident dinosaur statues – including one collaboration with Lours. These are certainly a treat as we pass through one of our local parks. We also was treated to a fantastic collaboration with fellow Ghost Writer member Jeba who was visiting London a few weeks back, placed up on the large central wall at London’s premier legal wall in the form of the Stockwell Hall of Fame.


Work by Core246 in Crystal Palace Park, Crystal Palace.





Work by Core246.


Work by Jeba and Core246 in the Stockwell Hall of Fame, Stockwell.






P1720988 - 1

Work by Core246 & Lours (with a hint of Baone left in the design) in Crystal Palace Park, Crystal Palace.


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