New Pali & Van Dali Halloween Street Art in Stockwell

Last weekend saw Street Artists Pali and Van Dali take to the Stockwell Hall of Fame to leave this fantastic pair of spooky works, with both of the artists doing so masterfully in their respective individual styles. With Pali offering his own brand of surreal energetic illustration in the form of a Shroom Splurge featuring a trio of manic mushrooms being attacked by a pumpkin and Van Dali presenting some sleek 3D work which is characteristic of much of his output, in this case featuring a demonic horse head to accompany his abstract 3D Graffiti.


Works by Pali and Van Dali.


Work by Pali.


Detail of work by Pali.


Detail of work by Pali.


Detail of work by Pali.


Work by Pali.,

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