New Jim Vision, Si Mitchell & ThisOne Street Art Collaboration in Shoreditch

A few months ago saw a wall we haven’t seen with a fresh coat of paint for seven or so years receive an absolutely magnificent makeover from Jim Vision, Si Mitchell & ThisOne. Taking to Cowper Street, Shoreditch, the trio of artists created a spectacular collaborative work fusing each of the artists distinct styles and talents. With Jim Vision painting the soulful and colourful portrait on the left of the composition, Si Mitchell taking centre stage with his majestic dragon and ThisOne on the right with some of his beautiful and distinct black and white flowers. An excellent work with each artist painting something superb in each of their own respective rights, but in the process creating something that looks magnificent as a whole.


Work by Jim Vision, Si Mitchell & ThisOne.


Work by Jim Vision


Detail of work by Jim Vision.


Work by Si Mitchell.


Detail of work by Si Mitchell.


Work by ThisOne.


Detail of work by ThisOne.


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