New Fanakapan Street Art in Brick Lane

For this post we are taking a look at a pair of excellent works from Street Artist Fanakapan, both placed up in Star Yard, Brick Lane, over the last five months – one a couple of weeks ago and one several months ago, with both looking fresh. Both fun works feature balloons as the subject – very much the most prevalent subject in this artist’s output – with the work at the entrance to Star Yard featuring a rather comic looking chrome balloon in a rather distorted design set to be viewed from Brick Lane whilst walking along. The second older work features a smiley face balloon but aesthetically focuses on translucent properties creating an image within the image to reveal a double smile. Its always a pleasure to see work from this artist and the extent of his creativity and his ability to implement it on the streets seemingly knows no bounds.


Anamorphic work in Star Yard, Brick Lane.





Work in Star Yard, Brick Lane.




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