New Nelius Graffiti around Stockwell

We have to say that Italian born, but London based Graffiti Writer has certainly been busy over the last few months around Stockwell and below we are going to take a look at a series of 6 works that can all be spied across two adjoining streets – namely Stockwell Lane and Aytoun Road. Certainly bringing the area to life with his series of fresh additions to the area, with a trio of works featuring his moniker Nelius, a pair of works for his crew – Smile More Often – and one featuring the word ‘Anxiety’, it has been a pleasure to spy this body of recent works about Stockwell and look forward to seeing more drops around London from this artist in due course.


Work in Stockwell Lane.


Work in Stockwell Lane.


Work in Stockwell Lane.


Work in Stockwell Lane.


Work in Aytoun Road.



Work in Aytoun Road.

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