New Fat Cap Spray Street Art around Shoreditch

Here we are taking a look at a selection of four works we have had the pleasure of sighting around Brick Lane and Shoreditch of late by Street Artist Fat Cap Sprays, all featuring his own take on neon style depictions of iconic cartoon characters or illustrative takes on subjects – such as the Elmo puppet, getting the colourful popping 2D treatment. It’s been a treat to get to see so much work from this artist of late- as well as an absolute privilege to have a few additions land in Penge for the community project we run –  and we look forward to seeing what they drop next around London.


Work depicting Tom, of the Tom and Jerry cartoons, placed up in Corbet Place, Brick Lane.




Work featuring Esther Jones, the Harlem Jazz Singer who was the inspiration for Betty Boop before her character was whitewashed upon commercial success in the animation realm. Placed up in Sclater Street.


Work depicting Sesame Street character Elmo placed up along Old Street.


Work featuring Dexter in Bethnal Green Road.


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