2020 – A Year of Street Art in Penge & Anerley

This evening we are taking a look at year of Street Art in Penge, something we have to say which has been a real pleasure to look back on. Since the blog’s inception six years ago now we have began delving into various projects the most rewarding of which has been the organization of Street Art in our hometown of Penge through our SprayExhibition20 Community Street Art Project, which has seen some 322 artworks placed up around Penge and Anerley over the last 5 years.

In 2016 we were able to facilitate some 19 works across 16 spaces, in 2017 we have managed to organise a further 90 works across some 84 spots around town, in 2018 we put together 71 artworks across 61 spaces, in 2019 we facilitated 62 artworks across 56 spaces. Over the course of 2020 we are proud to have organised 79 new artworks across 75 spaces and its only fair to say that the community of Penge and Anerley has continued to fully embrace the addition of some creativity to the town and are providing more spaces than we ever really hoped to get. Indeed all of this has been made possible due to the incredible support of the local community who have provided spaces to paint, ladders, food and drinks and even in some cases, paint. Community spirit combined with the generous support of artists who have given their time to paint for free have certainly continues to provide a perfect atmosphere for the relentless addition of a splash of colour and creativity to SE20.

So where to begin really, first of all we can all agree it’s been a rather unprecedented and unusual year with all that has been 2020, which has meant we haven’t left our corner of London since March. It also meant we didn’t organise any artworks for a whopping five months from March to August. In spite of this we still managed to facilitate more artworks this year than during 2019. Starting things the first weekend of the new year with the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam and running until the very end of 2020 – despite the five month hiatus – we managed to paint a high number of new spots, of which the most noticeable development to the project is the expansion of the initiative we started last year in St Hugh’s Estate, followed by the run of garage doors generously donated by residents in Thornsett Place. We have more exciting plans for spots when life allows and hope we can implement these plans in the near future, watch this space.

We have some spaces to catch up with over the next year, and we assure everyone who has been in touch that we haven’t forgotten you. If anyone else would like to get involved by donating a public space in the area for some artwork please do get in touch at callinglondoninfo@gmail.com.

As is always the case we couldn’t do what we do here without the help we receive from the good friends we have made along the way and this last year was as true as ever with the amount of walls we are asked to paint gradually expanding it is only with the invaluable help some people selflessly provide to do whatever it takes to make street art appear around London and often don’t get the credit they deserve.

Firstly thank you to all the artists for coming down to paint spaces big and small to brighten up walls around the city. Secondly thank you to all the businesses’ as well as to all the residents for donating spaces to let the artists work their magic. South-East London wouldn’t be looking so good without all your trust, support and time. A big thank you to New Art Rioter for all the help with everything behind the scenes. Big thank you to Kevin for all the help with ladders, buffing and running around Penge and Anerley so that walls can be painted and people can enjoy it. Big shout out and thank you to Street Art Atlas for all the help throughout the year from buffing walls to driving artists around town, again going above and beyond to help the artists and ourselves out, a lot of what has been achieved about town this last year has been made possible and so much easier through Kevin’s and Street Art Atlas’s selfless help to the project!

Thank you to Alicja and the team at the St Hugh’s Community Centre and Clarion for all their help and trust in the artists and ourselves to continue painting  more spots in St Hugh’s Estate. Thank you to local councilors Angela and Patrick for rallying the local business’ along Anerley Hill in to donating spaces to the expanding project. Thank you to Jane and Tom at Colossive Press for all the help with the tour we conducted in January and a few other things behind the scenes that will be announced in 2021! Again we would like to say a big thank you to Community Magazine SE20 for allowing us to share the Art of Penge with the town in their superb publication – which has led to people providing us more spaces to paint. Thank you to M_Frenchi, Spike_ML, Portrait Per Day, One Collective and anyone else that helped with all the other little tasks that need to occur behind the scenes in order to make this all happen. We would also like to add a couple of thank yous to Lawrence & Ben for providing ladders. All your help is immensely appreciated and its only fair to say that SE20 is looking all the much better for all your help. Not to forget those kind folk around town who have helped put us in touch with space owners, thank you all. As well as thank you to everyone who lives local or has visited SE20 or anywhere else we have facilitated artwork for taking the time to come down to experience and share some of the work we have been doing in our local area to the wider world. Finally thank you to everyone who has taken the time whilst the artists have been about painting our spots to take the time to say something nice about the art they created for us to enjoy.

Thank you all most sincerely from us here at London Calling Blog, lets see what life brings and what we can all make happen together next year about town! We really can’t begin to pick favourites from the selection of works below, but we would love to know what yours are in the comments section. So without any further ado here is a look back at a year of street art in Penge and Anerley in 2020.


Work by Hunto for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by JXC for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Morgasmik for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by DRT & Many Faces for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Jane Mutiny for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.P1250990

Work by Hunto for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.P1260277

Work by Spray Saint for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by She for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Woskerksi for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Toas for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Fragile by 0707 for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Airborne Mark for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Kid Crayon for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Elno for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Decolife for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by SPZero76 & Captain Kris for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Nathan Bowen for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Aero for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Aspire for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Mr Cenz for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Molly by Irony for the Anything’s Better Than A Blank Wall Paint Jam.


Work by Airborne Mark.


Work by Nick Wakeling.


Work by Eins92/


Work by Aspire.


Work by Mr Cenz.


Work by Hunto.


Work by Hunto.


Work by Vinnie Nylon.


Work by Vinnie Nylon.


Work by Vinnie Nylon.


Work by Vinnie Nylon.


Work by Airborne Mark.


Work by Aspire.


Work by Dotmaster.


Work by Juan2.


Work by Dotmaster.


Work by DRT.


Work by Dharma77.


Work by Atila in Penge.


Rinse & Repeat by Sr. X.


Work by Mei Mei.


Work by Mei Mei.


Work by Mei Mei.


Work by Mei Mei.


Work by Yuni Gloom.


Work by Woskerski.


Work by Reves One.


Work by Aspire.


Work by Nick Wakeling.


Work by Carleen De Sozer.


Work by Fate.


Work by Suiko.


Tokyo Dreams by Dan Kitchener.


Work by Frank Riot.


Work by Elno.


Flock by Sr. X.


Work by Candie.

Work by Pixie.


Work by Elno & Carleen De Sozer.


Work by Irony.


Work by Alo.


Work by ThisOne.


Work by Tizer.


Work by ThisOne.


Modern Day Addiction by Zabou.


Work by Siner.


Work by Dotmaster.


Work by Dotmaster.


Work by Irony.

20201201_142224 (1)

Work by Reves One & Sidok.


Gordon by Zabou.


Work by Alo.


Work by Aspire.


Work by Fink 22.


Work by Aspire.


Work by Aspire.


Work by Fink 22.


Work by Fink 22.

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