New Elno & Carleen De Sozer Street Art in Penge for ‘Day of the Dead’

Next up in our long run of catching up with what we have been up to in our corner of South-East London over the recent few months we are taking a look at a fantastic work from WOM Collective street artists Elno and Carleen De Sozer placed up a couple of months ago in Penge for our SprayExhibition20 community street art project.

Taking to Padua Road, Elno and Carleen De Sozer left a striking Day of the Dead inspired design featuring on the left one of Elno’s distinct trademark characters and on the right a self-portrait by Carleen De Sozer, with both subjects sporting the traditional make up for the celebration and both flanked by their female ancestors. Certainly a striking work and a superb collaboration from these two artists.

We of course wish to say a massive thank you to the owners of the space who kindly donated a spot and trusted us to work it. As well as a really big thank you to Elno and Carleen De Sozer for coming back to the area to support this initiative and for leaving such a striking artwork in the process.







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