New Airborne Mark Street Art in Penge


Here we are taking a look at a recent addition to Maple Road, Penge, for our own Spray Exhibition 20 community Street Art project, by Street Artist Airborne Mark. This is far from the first time Airborne Mark has visited SE20 to paint one of his hand-folded original Origami influenced designs and it really is fantastic to see how much this artist’s work has developed in the last few years since he first painted in the area for our community mural project. In fact Airborne Mark painted the very first wall for the project (shutters excluded) back in 2016 some 257 artworks prior to his most recent addition to Penge and Anerley.  On this occasion Airborne Mark set to paint a paper representation of the Google Maps marker icon, most commonly presented in the form of a red pin, making for a fantastic statement about the most likely place to find this particular artist painting, with SE20 having hosted so much of his London based works in the last four years.

This work was painted live during the recent free street art tour in memory of local photographer Gordon Gibbens where we were collecting donations for St Christopher’s Hospice in neighbouring Sydenham. The tour took a marathon 6.5 hours this time, with the time of the tour constantly increasing due to the number of new spots consistently being added to the budding town gallery, and due to the generosity of all in attendance £258.90 was raised on the day.

We would like to say a big thank you to the space owners for allowing us to find an artist to work their property and of course a BIG thank you to Airborne Mark for supporting both our community project and the fundraising event.




You can view the above video by Airborne Mark so gain some insight into the artist’s process and the making of this particular work.

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