New Irony Street Art in Penge

This evening we are taking a look at a superb recent addition to Penge by artist Irony, kindly placed up a couple of months ago for SprayExhibition20 – our community street art project around Penge and Anerley. Taking to a rather awkward spot, namely a wall behind a metal fence already covered in paintings, additionally there is limited room to photo the entire wall from over the fence. What to do? Unsurprisingly Irony made exemplary use of the space with this clever and cute design, placing a hyper-realistic Labrador puppy jumping up to peer over the fence and see what is going on in the street, set so perfectly leaning on the fence in front and best viewed from across the street. First class work and so much fun.

We would like to say thanks to the kind owners of the Maple Tree for allowing Irony to add something so charming and clever to their property. As well as a thank you to both Bullie Boy and Portrait Per Day for helping out when needed! We also would like to offer a big thank you to Irony for coming back to Penge to add this excellent work to the area. This work can be found in Padua Road, Penge, and was put up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog.


Work by Irony peering over works from Roo & Airborne Mark.




How to deal with an awkward space.


Work by Irony peering over works from Roo & Airborne Mark.


Work by Irony peering over work from Airborne Mark.


Work by Irony peering over works Aito Kitozaki, Roo & Airborne Mark.


Work by Irony peering over works from Roo, Airborne Mark, & Sir92.


Works by Irony (behind) and Dotmasters, Aito Kitozaki, Roo, Airborne Mark & Sir92.

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