New Said Dokins Street Art ‘Three Flowers for London’ around London

Last month saw London play host to Mexican based artist Said Dokins, who whilst over managed to hit up a stunning trio of works around London, in Holborn, Brick Lane and Hackney respectively. Said Dokins in his artistic output draws upon various mediums such as graffiti, calligraphy, performance art, installation pieces and video art. In the process using the city as his area of operations, finding countless ways with which to connect with people and share the message of his works. All three fresh London pieces consist of Calligraphy presented in a series of concentric circles, kept to simple colour palettes of 5-6 colours. The measurements and spacing in the works is perfectly uniform and creates a really absorbing effect when viewed. This fantastic series of works was entitled ‘Three Flowers for London’.


‘Metal Germination’ in Orde Hall Street, Holborn.


‘Poisoned Seed’ in Hanbury Street, Brick Lane.





‘Dirty Metal Perfection’ in Mare Street, Hackney.






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