New Thierry Noir & STIK Street Art Collaboration ‘Wall’ at the Imperial War Museum to Commemorate 30 Years Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Earlier this week a Street Art installation by artist Thierry Noir and STIK was unveiled outside the main entrance to the Imperial War Museum to commemorate 30 Years since the Berlin Wall came down – which was 30 years yesterday 09/11/19 – signalling the end of the Cold War. Street Art first began appearing on the Berlin Wall as means of artistic dissent and political commentary in the early 1980s, of which Thierry Noir was a leading figure of this movement, becoming the first artist to paint long stretches of the Berlin Wall. STIK also uses Street Art as a tool of social change, with his figures voicing the struggles facing communities the world over. Which is why these two artist were chosen to paint two original sections of the Berlin Wall to create ‘Wall’, to remember  a moment when Germany became unified after 28 years divided and to sadly acknowledge that since the fall of the Berlin Wall there are now more people separated by walls and physical barrier than 30 years ago. This artwork will be on display at the Imperial War Museum until December 1st.


‘Wall’ – Acrylic on Steel Reinforced Concrete – By Thierry Noir and STIK.




Work by STIK.


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