New DRT, Nathan Bowen, Fink 22 & Many Faces Street Art Production in Selhurst

Here we are playing catch up with a funky collaboration work placed up a couple of months back by Street Artists DRT, Nathan Bowen, Many Faces and Fink 22 for a community initiative we are involved with in Selhurst around the back of Selhurst Station to brighten up the area in the form of some Street Art. This collaboration work certainly has a lot going on and presents a superb fusion between various illustration styles from the faces by Fink 22 and Many Faces, as well as Nathan Bowen’s manic characters interspersed with segments of abstract geometric work from DRT.

We of course have to say a massive thank you to CASSA as well as a big thank you to the team at Network Rail for supporting such initiatives and all their help on this project and who both have trusted the artists to do what they do best by giving them free reign to do their thing for the community to enjoy. As well as a really big THANK YOU to DRT, Nathan Bowen, Many Faces and Fink 22 for coming to down to support this initiative and for leaving such a fun artwork in the process. This superb work can be found on Newhaven Road, Selhurst, just behind the back of Selhurst Station.











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