New Irony Halloween Street Art in Penge

For this post we are taking a look at the first of two recent additions to Penge from Street Artist Irony. The work in question takes on a Halloween vibe and instead of featuring the more traditional ghosts and ghouls themes associated with this time of year it depicts a woman being struck unexpectedly in the face by a flying pumpkin. The work is inspired by a series of photographs by Kajia Straumanis in which the photographer is hit in the face by a range of surprising objects, such as shoes, a ball and a pumpkin. It is the latter image which the photographer granted permission for Irony to use as inspiration for their subject, then just needing the Irony touch to make it their own, infusing that sense of fun that defines much of the artists output. Beyond the fantastic choice of subject we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the incredible level of realism with which Irony injects so much life in to this piece, you really can see the look of dismay on the woman in the painting as things take an unexpected turn, along with the real sense of movement the scene conveys. This fantastic work can be found in Maple Road, Penge and was put up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog.
















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