New Aspire Street Art in Stockwell

Here we are taking a look at a recent addition to Stockwell from Street Artist Aspire placed up a couple of weeks ago. Aspire’s work which predominantly features animal subjects on this occasion features a Sumatran Tiger with a yellow reduced price sticker slapped on the foreground of its world, a nod to how the Sumatran Tiger population has decreased from 1000 in 1978 to 400 in 2019 due to a combination of poaching and deforestation for products such as Palm Oil. We love the juxtaposition of the delicate soft effect that defines Aspire’s own style of ethereal realism which exudes so much life and warmth through his exquisitely depicted subjects alongside the stark nature of the design and subject matter in this particular work from Aspire. This work can be found in Stockwell, and was put up with support from us London Calling Blog.


Aspire at work.


Aspire signing his work.


The striking finished work.






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