New Irony Street Art in Anerley

Here we are taking a look at a new addition to SE20 and a work that is the first of a new initiative with St Hugh’s Centre to bring more creativity to Anerley. The work in question is by Street Artist Irony who has painted several works around the area over the last few years and beyond Irony’s ability to paint superb hyper-real artworks in a range of subjects, one thing that always amazes us with the work Irony creates is the magnificent use of the space and the immediate environment to pick the perfect design. In this instance this stunning portrait of a strong female subject – which was placed up on a far from perfect surface, with those ridges in the garage door being very obstructive – and it’s entire composition was chosen by Irony so that the door handle could be masterfully incorporated  as an earring. Absolutely first class work and all the more so for the magnificent use of space.

It has taken a long time and lot of work to make this spot happen and least all from us. Massive thank you to ‘A’ at St Hugh’s Centre SE20 who has been the driving force behind this work happening and worked very hard to get this done. As well as a massive thank you to ‘J’ at Clarion for sorting the relevant  permissions in the bureaucratic chain. Most importantly thank you both for not just providing us a space to paint, but trusting ourselves and allowing the artist to do their own thing. This project and all of the community initiatives we are involved with are about allowing artists to showcase their work and talent for the benefit of the communities they adorn. No advertising, just art and that’s what St Hugh’s Estate has now got! Additionally a big thank you to the all the residents we met who were so supportive and complimentary about the work happening. Bringing us cups of tea and snacks and all round making it a lovely experience to bring some art to their neck of the woods. We would also like to say a big thanks to Irony for supporting this project and all the other community initiatives we are involved with, and on this occasion returning to SE20 and leaving St Hugh’s Estate something so beautiful for the locals to enjoy. Last and absolutely by no means least shout out to the one and only Kevin for always helping behind the scenes, this spot being no exception. Cheers man.

This fantastic work can be found in St Hugh’s Road, St Hugh’s Estate Anerley and was put up with a little support from us London Calling Blog for SprayExhibition20.



Quite the transformation in our view, as well as the view of all the local residents we met.





The entire design was created so the garage door handle could be used as an earring. 



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