New Jane Mutiny Street Art in Penge

Here we are taking a look at a recent addition to SE20’s thriving art scene, with this striking work by Jane Mutiny, placed up a few weeks back for our community project in our hometown. Taking to a spot Jane first painted in January 2018 for the blog’s third anniversary Paint Jam – where Jane left the town with a lovely pair of Tahake from New Zealand – on this occassion Jane left SE20 with a striking depiction of a Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo, keeping to her themed subjects of endangered and extinct species from around the globe. Not only does her artwork feature subjects which are environmentally focused, the tools with which Jane Mutiny constructs her artworks are all created using ecologically sound paints and brushes to generate that rich textured effect prevalent in her output. Big thanks to Kevin for the spot, the help prepping it, on the day and whenever the project has needed a hand for that matter! Big thank you to Jane Mutiny for returning to Penge and treating us to such a lovely upgrade. This beautiful work can be found in Parish Lane, Penge and was placed up with a little support from us London Calling Blog for SprayExhibition20.












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