New Airborne Mark Street Art in Selhurst

Last month saw us spending some time helping out on a community led initiative around the back of Selhurst Station to brighten up the area and reduce fly-tipping in the form of some Street Art – an idea and intention right up our alley and behind the vast majority of projects we involve our time with. One of the five fresh murals we helped organise for the project was by Polish born, but London based, Street Artist Airborne Mark who took the space provided and the chance afforded to craft one his case studies in light and shadow through his favoured paper platforms. On this occasion Airborne Mark set to depict a reworking of an original origami dog design that Airborne Mark first painted in 2017 in an empty building in Soho and has now given a fresh reworking, in colour style and pose, set on casual guard mode along this previously neglected corner of town.

We of course have to say a massive thank you to CASSA for getting us involved on this initiative and letting us store our gear with them over the time it took to get the project started. Big thank you to the team at Network Rail for supporting such initiatives and all their help on this project and who along with CASSA trusted the artists to do what they do best by giving them free reign to do their thing. As well as a really big THANK YOU to Airborne Mark for coming to down to support this initiative and for leaving such a vibrant and beautiful artwork in the process. This work can be found at Dagnall Park, Selhurst, just behind the back of Selhurst Station.


Airborne Mark at work.


Airborne Mark at work.


The fantastic finished piece, set guarding over the entrance of the tunnel.







Airborne Mark’s reference model.


Airborne Mark’s reference model and the finished work.

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