New Eins92 Street Art in Penge

Earlier this month Penge was fortunate enough to receive a visit from German Stencil artist Eins92 who left one of his incredible multi-layered stencil works in Penge High Street and what a fun piece it is. Crafting miniature stencils that are exceptionally well detailed it is most impressive to see the effect generated by Eins92 through such a style and on such a scale. On this occasion in Penge Eins92 painted the nephew of a local resident whom he was staying with and whom helped put this wonderful addition together. Offering such fun, style and true tonal delight what a fantastic addition to Penge High Street.

We wish to offer a massive shout out to local star Kevin and Portrait Per Day for making this spot happen in our absence, thanks guys! When people congratulate us on all the spots we help make happen, on so many occasions its due to the help of many other unsung heroes, some help more than others but anything we have achieved is a testament to the help we get from a number of fantastic people, such as this wonderful gem left in Penge High Street. We would also like to say thanks to the kind owners of Bella Luna Pizzeria for allowing us to get Eins92 to add something so beautiful to their property. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Eins92 for coming down to SE20 to add such a brilliant and delightful work for the town to enjoy.





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