New Rocket01 Street Art ‘Undergrowth’ in Penge


Here we are taking a well overdue look at a beautiful hidden gem by UK born, but Bulgaria based, Street Artist Rocket01 located in a little alleyway/courtyard along Maple Road, Penge. Through his work Rocket transports his audience to another world, a futuristic  surreal stark alternate reality imbued with a sense of loss and hope. Presenting a snapshot into his world as if encapsulated within a terrarium offering a glimpse of his dreamy and atmospheric visions. Rocket01’s scene’s are often set as if viewed through a light shone through really generating a sense of another place with different a different way of being. Through his art their is a consistent environmental message at the very core of his creations showing a vision of future defined by ecological ruin where mankind and nature need to unite for mutual survival against the devastation already prevailing. All themes exemplified in this captivating soulful painting entitled ‘Undergrowth’ hidden away in Penge an absolutely beautiful addition to the town so if you haven’t been to see it the work can be found at 197 & 199 Maple Road if you venture through the gate that looks locked but isn’t you can explore some of ‘Secret Penge’.

We would of course like to say thanks to the owners of the space at Urban Chain Studios down Maple Road for allowing us to get Rocket01 to add something so interesting, unique and beautiful to their property for the community to enjoy. We also would like to offer a big thank you to Rocket01 for coming down to Penge whilst visiting London to not only paint but to do such an incredible job with such a secret spot.






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