New WRDSMTH Street Art in London

Once again London was recently fortunate enough to receive a visit from LA based Street Artist WRDSMTH,  who last visited the  capital in October 2017 (covered here), and on this occasion was again only in town for a brief whistle-stop visit, yet still managed the time to leave us with a lovely, humorous and inspiring half-a-dozen works placed up in Central, East and South London. Unsurprisingly WRSMTH is by profession a writer, based in LA. He is a published writer and works on TV scripts and writing for documentaries. So with this in mind it is no wonder that his contribution to Street Art is to utilize his talent for writing as a creative outlet. Inspired by the Street Art scene upon moving to LA and initially planning to work in the medium of stickers, WRDSMTH then opted for to create his trademark typewriter stencil and to make the script a piece of paper wheat-pasted above, which in turn is the heart of WRDSMTH’s works. Offering a range of statements from humorous witticisms to touching messages of hope, love and freedom, these works do just make you smile upon observing.


Work in Park Street, Croydon.



Work in Matthew’s Yard, Croydon.


Work in Matthew’s Yard, Croydon.






Work in Jerome Street, Brick Lane.


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