New Hunto Street Art around South East London

Over the last month or so we have been fortunate enough to have a pair of spots in South East London recently painted by Italian born, but London based, Street Artist Renato Hunto who has done a fantastic job doing what he does best. Namely painting his distinct and colourful signature style abstract characters, on these occasions in Penge and Stockwell. Originally a Graffiti Writer, Hunto has gone on to develop his own brand of fluid cubist creations infused with a bold block colouring, depicting for him the great universal subject – sex, intimacy and love.

As always big thanks a BIG thanks to Hunto for coming to paint and support the community projects we enjoy spending so much time on.


Work in Stockwell for our Community Project in Stockwell, really bringing this stretch of the lane to life.






Work in Maple Road, Penge, with a fresh reworking of a spot Hunto first painted in 2016 as one of the first walls painted for SprayExhibition20.





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