New Fanakapan Christmas Street Art In North London

As it’s that time of year again and as we have been able to do the last two years we thought we would share a couple of the festive themed works we have managed to encounter around London this year and following on from the Christmas piece we shared yesterday from Woskerksi in Brick Lane we are now going to take a look at this brilliant depiction of Rudolph in chrome by Fanakapan placed up in North London.  Always a pleasure to see work from this artist and this fun piece is no exception, it is just so easy to lose yourself in the delicate effect and intricate touches that comprise Fankapan’s pieces, creating works so full of depth. The standout element in this particular work beyond the fantastic subject for the occasion – including presented wearing Fanakapan’s sunglasses – are the details in the reflections, the local architecture across from the work and Fanakapan himself cast into two diverging positions as he paints the work, interesting to see the process inherently captured in the finished design.









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