New Aspire Blue Jay Street Art In Penge

A month or so back we had to pleasure of spending the day with Aspire on his third visit to Penge, setting to paint one of the more awkwardly positioned walls about town for our SprayExhibition20 Community Project. Aspire certainly left his mark on Maple Road with this striking work of a BLue Jay that utilizes the space so well and certainly commands your attention when approach the space, depicted with the delicate soft effect that defines Aspire’s style and which we admire so much. There is so much life and warmth in Aspire’s creations and we are sure you will agree with us when you see the work below.

We would like to say thanks to the kind owners of Metro Star Cars for allowing us to get Aspire to add something so beautiful to their property. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Aspire for again coming down to add this delightful work to the area.



Aspire at work.


Aspire at work.


Aspire & Decolife at work.


The striking finished work that really draws the eye when walking down the street.





P1010085 - Copy

P1010083 - Copy


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