The Street Art Of Maple Road

We thought today we would take a look at Maple Road in Penge, perhaps a little biased, as this road is where we started our community Street Art project SprayExhibtion20 to bring some creativity and life to this corner of South London we call home. To date the project has seen some 90 works put up around SE20 over the last 19 months and no place like Maple Road has embraced the project providing spaces for the first trio of works for the project a year and a half ago and at current has some 43 artworks to be spied either directly on or immediately on the corner of one of the many side roads all along a stretch taking a mere 10 minutes to walk along. Maple Road is certainly our favourite as well as the bravest road in Penge providing a platform for this project to flourish and now littered with murals from an array of artists.

We would like to say thank you to all the businesses and residents that have provided us with spaces to paint along Maple Road, to Ben, Lawrence and Kevin for providing us with ladders when required, and of course to all the artists who have given this street a beautiful makeover.


Works by Dotmasters.


Work by Vanesa Longchamp.


Work by Decolife.


Work by Coloquix.


Work by Decolife.


Work by Aspire.

iphone pics 2017 425.JPG

Work by DRT.


Work by Woskerski.


‘Aslan’ by Airborne Mark.


Work by Morgazmik.


Work by Falko1.


Work by Zina.


Work by Hunto.

P1820474.JPG‘The Price Of Everything’ by Irony.


Work by Aero.


Work by Ant Carver.


Work by Decolife. 


Work by Aero.


Work by Dotmasters on the door of the tattoo shop in Maple Road.


Work by Decolife.


Works by Thisone, Frankie Strand, Weardoe, HNRX, Morgazmik, DRT, Autone, Decolife, Woskerski, New Art Rioter, Hunto, ????, Airborne Mark & Dope.


Works by Thisone, Frankie Strand/Weardoe, HNRX & Morgazmik for our takeover of the former Golden Lion in Maple Road.


Works by Frankie Strand, DRT, Decolife, Autone, Woskerski, New Art Rioter, Hunto & Sr. X for our takeover of the former Golden Lion in Hawthorne Grove.


Works by Dope & Hunto (above) and ????, Woskerski & Airborne Mark (bottom) for our takeover of the former Golden Lion in Hawthorne Grove.


Work by Falko1 in Stodart Road.


Work by Airborne Mark.


2 comments on “The Street Art Of Maple Road

  1. An extraordinary collection in a single street. It’s interesting to see that the murals and shutters have all been left un-tagged and haven’t been sprayed over or defaced in any way It looks as though they are well appreciated.

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