DZIA At Upfest 2017

As we often do when we attend a large Paint Jam we like to take a look at some of our favourite works, so having just recently visited Upfest 2017 we though we would take a more focused look at some of the works we were fortunate enough to see being put together and were able to enjoy the finished article – the event being so vast it was impossible to catch everything.

So first up we thought we would take a look at an artist who put up not one, but two fantastic works about town for the festival, namely DZIA, who whilst over from Belgium took on one of the events feature walls at the Redpoint Climbing Centre and once finished took the time over the weekend to paint a smaller but no less impressive work along North Street. DZIA’s work features depictions of exceptionally detailed animals with his signature style defined by his use of bold abstract and geometric lines overlaying his work that really bring his pieces to life and this is what DZIA has so very well done with his delightful pair of recent additions to Bristol for Upfest 2017 on these occasions a Squirrel and a Robin.


DZIA at work.


DZIA at work.


DZIA at work.


The stunning finished work at the Redpoint Climbing Centre along side superb work from Irony painted for Upfest 2015.






A beautiful “Cheeky Robin” to be found along North Street.



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