New Jimmy C Street Art In Brick Lane

A few weeks back saw Street Artist Jimmy C take to Brick Lane to create his latest addition to London’s streets, and one that was very much worth the wait. Jimmy C’s style is influenced by a combination of Pointillism and the aboriginal culture of his native Australia. He started painting on the street in the early 1990’s as a part of the then growing Australian underground graffiti movement and has since gone on to hone his distinct ‘Aerosol-Pointillism’ style, as represented here.

For his freshest London work Jimmy C decided to paint a portrait of local resident Mick, someone who has been the focus of Jimmy C’s portraits around East London for some years now. Jimmy C decided on this occasion to paint just a section of Mick, namely his hands sat resting on his knees, capturing a snapshot of the sense of time Mick has sat on Brick Lane, watching the world go by. As ever a striking and powerful work from Jimmy C, always a pleasure to witness his work in the flesh, and this time with a piece that truly creates a sense of leisure sitting in stark contrast to the realities of city life.







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