New Irony Street Art In Camden

Here we are catching up with a piece placed up a good few weeks back in Camden Town by Street Artist Irony, with this work we are a little conflicted about in the sense that we love what Irony has created but disheartened to see redevelopments happening in Hawley Mews which suggests the end of Hawley Mews – one of Camden Towns finest galleries within its in own right. Taking to the hoardings which now break up Hawley Mews Irony has created a striking portrait which is so full of life and draws your attention when you stand before it. Working to a minimalist colour palette of purple and white the work blends with its surroundings superbly at least making for a feeling that no matter what obstacles get in the way of Street Art in the name of gentrification, art can still adapt and live on. This work can be found in Hawley Mews and was put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.





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