New Low Bros Street Art In Shoreditch

Here we are taking a look back at the recent addition to Shoreditch from German duo Low Bros, put up whilst they were over for the opening of their exhibition at the near by Stolenspace Gallery. The Low Bros comprise brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt, formerly active as graffiti writers Qbrk and Nerd. Their work typically focuses on stylized animal characters imbued with human features, fusing influences including graffiti, hip hop and skateboarding culture which shaped the artists’ youth. However in their recent body of studio works and hence this wall the artists have set to take a more futuristic dynamic with their surreal geometric wolves accompanied by a trail of tennis balls, setting to explore the idea of the individual and social identity of the digital age. This superb work can be found in Sclater Street, Shoreditch, and was put up with support from Stolenspace Gallery and Rebels Alliance.







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