New Fanakapan Street Art In Brick Lane

A few weeks back saw one of London’s – and seemingly the worlds – most prolific and talented Street Artists take to Star Yard to create his latest London work. Creating a chrome balloon dog creation accompanied by a black background overlaid with a series of tags – seemingly dogging the dog in the process.

Always a pleasure to see work from this artist and this piece is no exception, set to a minimalist colour palette you just lose yourself in the delicate effect and intricate touches that comprise Fankapan’s pieces, creating works so full of depth. The standout element in this particular work are the details in the reflections – projecting the person stood in front of the wall and some of the striking colours that adorn the adjacent and surrounding walls, truly a spectacular addition.







The level of detail in Fanakapan’s works never ceases to amaze us and with the little reflective touches in this design we are sure you can see why.

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