New Zabou Street Art ‘Salvador Dali’ In Spitalfields

Ever one to be proactive we are only seven to eight weeks into the New Year and the prolific Zabou has hit out her third fresh London design along Commercial Street in Spitalfields in order to add some more of her own brand of fun and beauty to London’s streets. On this occasion the work features a fantastic and fun-fueled depiction of the one and only icon that is Salvador Dali painted on some shutters and then with the masterful inclusion of the melting clock – one of Dali’s most famous creations – spilling off the shutter and onto the floor.






One comment on “New Zabou Street Art ‘Salvador Dali’ In Spitalfields

  1. So many top street artists have done new work recently. Glad to see Zabou is back in this country. Her work is the best

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