New Ant Carver Street Art In Camden Town

A couple of weeks back amid the brutal cold snap that consumed London Street Artist too to Camden Town to create his latest striking portrait mural. Ant Carver’s style is very distinct, comprising the colourful background taking an abstract form paying homage to his Graffiti roots. It is on this platform that Ant Carver sets to paint the detailed portraiture by brush with acrylic paints on the street. His grey-scale realistic portraits sit so well on the fluid and colourful base he composes, creating that striking effect of the beauty to be seen among the chaos. What we love most is how with Ant Carver’s works the eyes of the subject appear to be looking directly at you as you stand before the work, creating that sense of connection between viewer and subject, and this work is no exception. This work was placed up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.






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