New ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Graffiti Collaboration by Olivier Roubieu, Gnasher, JXC & Pad In Stockwell

On Monday morning we couldn’t resist a trip to the Stockwell Hall of Fame in the pouring rain on our way in to work to see this fantastic production by Gnasher, Pad, Oliver Roubieu and JXC based around the film ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’. Certainly a fantastic piece with so much going on, presenting a cast of characters from Gnasher, Olivier Roubieu and JXC placed either side of two funky tags from Pad and all set to a cosmic setting. Certainly a great fusion of character work, graffiti and all round setting, a piece that commands your attention upon viewing.



Work by Gnasher.


Work by Pad.


Work by Olivier Roubieu.


Work by Pad.


Work by JXC.


Detail of work by Gnasher.


Detail of work by Pad.


Detail of work by Olivier Roubieu.


Detail of work by Pad.


Detail of work by JXC.

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