New Airborne Mark Street Art In Camden Town

Last weekend we caught up with Street Artist Airborne Mark during his two day stint on his latest ‘Origami Riots’ creation “ROS£” in Camden Town, based on an original Origami design by Airborne Mark constructed from 5 x £5 notes. The effect is intriguing and just absolutely crammed with intricate details that compliment the complexity and depth in his designs focused on the shadow and fold dynamic he creates to make his works pop off the wall. This striking work can be found in Hawley Mews, Camden Town and was put up with support from The Real Art Of Street Art.


Airborne Mark’s original design and reference model for ‘ROS£’ made from 5 x £5 notes.



Airborne Mark at work on Day 1.


Airborne Mark at work on Day 1.


The superb finished piece.





Though this is not a collaboration work it is excellent to see how Airborne Mark has placed his work so well with the pre-existing installation from Chinagirl Tile with Mark’s Origami Money Rose growing from the ceramic pile of cash at the base of the flowers stem.


You can view this video by Airborne Mark on the making of his “ROS£” below.

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