New Fanakapan Street Art Around London

Over the last couple of weeks the prolific Fanakapan has hit up a pair of ever fantastic creations in North London with an Acid House inspired work and in Star Yard in Brick Lane to lay out ‘Deflation’, a superb depiction of deflating five point star balloon that really does just pop off of the wall. Reworking a spot that is very popular with this particular artist, Fanakapan has raised the standard and scale of this wall now by taking his work above the initial wall. Always a pleasure to see work from this artist and this piece is no exception, set to a minimalist colour palette you just lose yourself in the delicate effect and intricate touches that comprise Fankapan’s pieces, creating works so full of depth..


Delightful work in Islington.









Work by Fanakapan alongside fresh work from Seeds One.


Works by Fanakapan, Seeds One & Tizer gracing the back wall of Star Yard.

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