New Dotmasters Street Art In Camden Town

A couple of weeks ago stencil based Street Artist Dotmasters was about Camden Town to lay out four fresh new designs in London featuring one work dedicated to Land Reclaim and a delightful trio of his ‘Rude Kids’ characters all up to a little bit of mischief and defiance. These works can be seen around Camden Town and were put up with support from The Real Art Of Street Art.


‘This Is Your Land – Take It Back’ in Hawley Street.



We very much love the stenciled shovels at the centre of this design.


Fantastic collaboration between Himbad and Dotmasters’ in which one of Dotmasters’ mischievous ‘Rude Kids’ is seen to be peeling of the cover of this truck in which resides one of Himbad’s menacing creations which are so full of life.



Detail of work by Himbad.


Detail of one of Dotmaster’s ‘Rude Kid’ stencils.


One of Dotmasters’ delightful ‘Rude Kids’ on this occasion to be seen adding a message of love to Camden’s streets.




Yet another one of Dotmasters’ delightful ‘Rude Kids’ this time poised and ready for action with his weapon of choice – the spray can.

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