The ‘PDX>LDN’ Group Exhibition Opens At BSMT Space

Well it seems that nearly every other exhibition we report on the blog these days is presented by the BSMT Space, and while this is true we can only say that this is purely because this year no other gallery in London has continued to bring such a continuous run and turn around of excellent Street Art exhibitions, with it’s latest show ‘PDX>LDN’ being no exception.

Presenting a group show comprising artists from around the UK meeting a gallery takeover from some of Portland, Oregon’s finest including Rx Skulls, Voxx Romana and Mad One, the exhibition showcases an incredible array of works in a whole host of mediums and on a whole host of canvases. Very much offering something for everyone. There are paintings, drawings, stickers, paste-ups, prints, installations and stencils to be seen in abundance in this gallery take-over, something which very much does justice to the manner in which these artists practice their craft on the streets then translates into the gallery setting. All in all an excellent set up and a pleasure to see such an display of great works from artists we are all so familiar with and those that we were not

The ‘PDX>LDN’ exhibition runs until Saturday September 17th at the BSMT Space which will be open from 12-7 and can be found at 5 Stoke Newington Road, Dalston. So if you didn’t attend the opening show last night, be quick as you only have two days to see this fantastic takeover for yourselves.



Selection of works by Rx Skulls, we love how the display includes the stencils with which these images were created. Additionally a real pleasure to see multiple pieces up close from this artist we are all so familiar with in the sticker format around London.


Work by Rx Skulls.


Work by Rx Skulls.


Excellent work from Snub23.


Delightful pair of works from the one and only Skeleton Cardboard.


Soulful work from C3.


Beautiful work from C3.


Superb work from D7606 featuring tow of his trademark telephone boxes both containing the late David Bowie and mounted on a black and white montage of images of the singer (including a picture of the portrait of David Bowie by Jimmy C in Brixton), that really makes the bold colours of the central image just pop.


Excellent 3D work by Annatomix, so full of life and depth, one of the highlight of the show for us.


Pair of fantastic illustration works from The Real Deal.


Work by The Real Dill.


Selection of works by Work by Voxx Romana, again we love how the display includes the stencils with which these images were created. A pleasure to see works from an artist who we were aware of, but had yet to see any works in the flesh.


Work by Voxx Romana.


Work by Voxx Romana.


Work by Snub23.


Work by Mad One with his ‘Cash For Your Banksy’ take on the ‘Cash For Your Warhol’ signs that one all so often sees plastered about galleries and the streets these days.


Works by Mad One.


Work by Drsc0.


Fantastic work by Drsc0, so intricate and truly absorbing.


Selection of tote bags decorated by some of the participating artists.


Work by Sike One.


Work by Sike One.


An excellent example on this one wall of just what these guys do best, creating a tableaux of their various composite artworks, which as a whole create a second work of art.




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