New Axel Void Street Art In London

Over the last few of weeks London received a visit from, Miami born, Spanish raised and now currently residing back in Miami, Artist Axel Void who left London with the spectacular murals in East London. This pair of incredible murals represent the first phase of a two part residency in London from Axel Void in association with Unit 5 Gallery who present ‘MEDIOCRE’ the debut U.K solo exhibition painter, sculptor, muralist and film maker, AXEL VOID. The second phase will occur in early 2017 with the exhibition that these two striking walls preempt.

Taking his influences from classical painting and urban art, Axel Void has gone on to moves between murals, spray cans, installations, oil and acrylic paintings, audio and video recordings, and countless drawings working with whatever medium fits his creative directive on the occasion. Of these two murals one can see the influence of classical painting techniques in his absorbing works, fused with the tradition of graffiti as represented through the typography set to parallel in message the accompanying image. It’s fair to say that these are two of the most interesting works we here at London Calling Blog have seen thus far in 2016 and eagerly anticipate the upcoming exhibition next year.


‘Comfort Of The Modern Slave’ in Hackney Road. Put up with additional support from Wood Street Walls.







‘Life’ in Linford Road Car Park Walthamstow. Put up with additional support from Wood Street Walls.


We assure you our pictures really don’t do this magnificent and thought-provoking image justice. Just incredible work in subject and execution.







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