Sr. X’s ‘Pork Loin Roast’ Solo Exhibition At The BSMT Space

Thursday night saw the opening of the latest exhibition at the BSMT SPACE in Dalston and on this occasion with ‘Pork Loin Roast’ by the most talented Sr. X who presents a very well rounded collection of works all set to subverting the norms and traditional ideals with those all so humorous and at times dark twists that are very much exemplify Sr. X’s sense of sharp wit and fun, criticizing the over-abundance of pop culture and values it sets to install on society from above. The entire body of mixed media works within the exhibition are made created fusing transfer, stencil and freehand techniques, and all presented in that vintage style taken from 1950’s advertisements and imagery. Splitting its focus in subject from taking a look at the vanity within society and the sarcastic look at the way in which commodity culture is ingrained within popular culture and self-worth, as well as his pieces which feature that amorphic cloud of smoke in which the accompanying subject is always presented embracing and seeming grasping with this intangible subject which defines the subjects very existence. In the Sr. X’s own words the exhibition takes a look at the manner by which:

“Billboards and sycophantic PR surround us every day. Mindless, vapid nonsense suffocates us. In a City of totalitarian competition for perfection, where plastic happiness is prized and synthetic optimism rules, perhaps a little darkness is refreshing. And so, welcome to a showcase of warped nostalgia, subversive and darkly funny hallucinations of an innocent and conformist society. This is the artistic interpretation of the mind of a compliant citizen, good neighbour and graffiti artist, and sees the nihilistic irony in our pleasant and abundant society. Sometimes the world of commercialism can seem sickly sweet, like a soda you’ve had too much of. Well, consider Sr. X’s work a drop of vinegar in that soda, a dash of blackness to mute the deafening nothing noise that surrounds us every day. This is the fly on your pork loin roast.”


There are many great works in this show but the highlights for us here were ‘Destroy’‘The Void’ and ‘Young Love’. All round certainly a fantastic show from Sr. X and the BSMT Space, a superb gallery that is continuously bringing some impressive shows and talents in the short time it has been open.


The BSMT Space is open daily from 12-7 and can be found at 5 Stoke Newington Road and the ‘Pork Loin Roast’ show runs until September 11th, so if you haven’t already, head along to see the great show for yourselves, you really won’t be disappointed.


‘La Pota’ – Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Buy Shit’ – Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Any Market’ – Mixed Media on Wood.


‘You Asked For It!’– Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Bullshit’ – Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Destroy’ – Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Tell Me’ – Mixed Media on Wood.



‘The Void’ – Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Everything Is Fine’– Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Pork Loin Roast’– Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Wake Up Your Taste!’ – Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Why?’ – Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Young Love’ – Mixed Media on Wood.



‘You’re Next’ – Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Follow The Crowds’ – Mixed Media on Wood.


‘It’s New! It’s Here!’ – Mixed Media on Wood.



‘Hell Yeah’– Mixed Media on Wood.


‘Loser’– Mixed Media on Wood.

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