New Airborne Mark Street Art ‘Aslan’ In Penge

We are playing catch up yet again here with a fantastic piece of Origami Riots from Airborne Mark in the form of a roaring lion placed up in Penge as part of our ongoing SprayExhibition20 Community Street Art project around the SE20 area some five weeks ago now.

Well we have to say firstly we are absolutely in awe of the immense depth and life this work projects from the wall it adorns. Never one to disappoint us here at London Calling Blog and whilst not wishing to sound bias as it is in our corner of London, something we instigated and least of all because of what this wall now represents to us here, this is for us Airborne Mark’s best piece to date. Taking his time over a good few days and ensuring that every meticulous touch left it’s mark, the result of which we couldn’t be happier with. Presenting Aslan the Beast of Origamia, a perfectly symmetrical and absorbing Lion roaring out in the streets of Penge. The effects in Airborne Mark’s origami creations certainly seems to be going from strength to strength this year and it’s clear to see in the multiple shades of each particular fold setting to show every crease and shadow in the design and all set to the artists distinctive cosmic background, complimented by a series of tears in the fabric of the lions universe.

We would like to say a big thanks to the kind staff at the X-Ray Africago Shop for their immediate support to our project, allowing us to add a second work to their premises bringing something else so beautiful to their property and the local area. We would also like to say a massive thanks to all the local residents and business’s who couldn’t have been more generous in lending us the apparatus and facilities in order to complete this task. Fore-mostly we also would like to offer a big thanks to Airborne Mark, someone whose art we have long admired, for coming down to show what we can do with walls in the area and especially for coming back to add that little something to the work for us here. We couldn’t be happier with the latest addition to SprayExhibition20 for us and the local SE20 community. This stunning work can be found in Maple Road, Penge.

Finally we have to say this wall as brilliant as it is, also serves as a sad reminder of a tragic loss in our life for us at here at London Calling Blog, which is why this work is dedicated in loving memory to Pat Walsh, to be forever missed and never forgotten, the head of and protector of our pride, a reminder to us here of a painting we discussed the last time we got to speak.


Airborne Mark starting his first outlines from what certainly prove to be a mammoth effort.




Airborne Mark at work on the end of Day 1.


Airborne Mark starting up on Day 2.






Airborne Mark at work towards the end of Day 2.


Airborne Mark at work on Day 3.




The stunning finished piece.









You can view this video by Airborne Mark on the making of  ‘Aslan’ the Origami Lion.


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