New Mr June Street Art In London

Playing catch up with this post and a good few coming up, so first up in our backlog of posts to share with you we have the stunning set of works placed up last month by visiting Dutch Abstract Street Artist Mr June, who whilst over hit up a trio of fantastic pieces around East and South London. Not that we are ever bored of the output from London’s many talented artists it is however still always a real pleasure when London plays host to some visiting international talent, especially when it is someone we had previously been unaware of, as is the case here with Mr June. His works are just so absorbing and though abstract, they are so precise, fusing a broken down reflection of his Graffiti roots to create these colourful and funky works full of depth.


Mr June at work at Urban Art Brixton.


Mr June at work at Urban Art Brixton.


Entrancing work by Mr June for Urban Art Brixton.



Excellent and most absorbing work placed up last month in Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch.






Fantastic trio of works in the Stockwell Hall Of Fame by Mr June, Binho Robeiro & Tizer.


Work by Mt June.


Work by Binho Robeiro.


Work by Tizer.

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