New MyneAndYours ‘48%’ Street Art In Clerkenwell

Just over a week ago in the aftermath of the EU Referendum Street Artist MyneAndYours set to Clerkenwell to make a statement about the shocking result. Needless to say everyone is aware of the outcome of the vote and we don’t wish to delve into the matter here, other than stating our utter disappointment at just over half of the voting populace. So it was great to see that someone made a comment on London’s streets about the turn of events, all the more so for being somewhere that as a centre voted to stay. At this point we feel its best to let the artist explain this musing on the dire situation and intent behind his statement:

“The youth will suffer. The real safeguard of democracy is education. When’s the earliest the 48% could go from being a large minority to a small majority? Taking demographics, voting age and preferences into consideration maybe 23/06/22. Maybe safeguards will never be in place. Painted in the shadow.”





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