New Pejac Street Art Installations Around Shoreditch

Last week saw Spanish artist Pejac hit London in order to place up a series of installation pieces around the Brick Lane and Shoreditch area, ahead of his upcoming solo show in the area next month. Having started painting on walls after the attitude of his art teachers’ annoyed and galvanized him into action. Since then Pejac has expanded his artistic output to a variety of mediums beyond his paintings and in the process has gone on to paint around the world in places including: Moscow, Paris, Istanbul, London and Milan.

The works we are concerned with here are a series of four fantastic installations around the East End which feature shoes ‘hanging’ in defiance of gravity above lamposts, something so simple and also so effective, completely subverting the realms of normality. We have so far found two of the four installations and if anyone finds the other two, please let us know. Certainly some of the most interesting and unusual works we have seen around London this year and really a pleasure to see. Pejac’s solo show ‘Law Of The Weakest’ will be on at the LondonNewcastle Project Space in Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, and runs from 22nd-31st July.


Work in Shacklewell Street.







Work in Granby Street.





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