Raptuz At Meeting Of Styles 2016

This morning in our series of more-in-depth look at some of our favourite works from the fantastic Meeting Of Styles event in London last week, we are going to take a look at a piece by another artist we were previously unaware of but very much glad we got to discover, namely Raptuz. Over from Italy for the event Raptuz hit up a most interesting work, presenting a more classical subject, and one certainly chosen for his visit to London. As soon as we saw Raptuz starting out on this piece with his broken up imagery we were intrigued to see what would unfold, and we weren’t disappointed. Creating the classical Westminster Lion, to be seen on Westminster Bridge, surrounded by the Union Jack, it’s most interesting to see how the disjointed image and broken colours evolved to create the flowing rippled effect of a flag blowing in the wind, especially when one takes a step back from the striking work.


Raptuz at work on the Saturday.


Raptuz at work on the Saturday.


Raptuz at work on the Sunday.


Raptuz at work on the Sunday.


The striking and flowing finished piece.




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