New Ola Kalnins & Flesh031 Street Art In East London

Last week London received a visit from Swedish Street Artist Ola Kalnins who whilst over hit up a delightful pair of collaborative pieces alongside fellow Swedish nationals, though London based, Gods Flesh duo Amara Por Dios & Flesh031. Creating myriad works of abstract yet flowing compositions that absolutely burst with colour, Ola Kalnins’ works are such a delight to stand before, leaving one absorbed by the whole and also offering so much opportunity to explore the many facets of the overall design. We have long been familiar with Flesh031’s works of tribal driven and at times surreal Graffiti inspired characters, and he has made a most intriguing collaboration partner for Ola Kalnins’ adding a collection of eyes and mouths that set to bring the colours in Ola Kalnins’ works to life.


A superb and explosive collaboration with Flesh031 in Hanbury Street, off of Brick Lane.








Production piece put on with Flesh031 and Amara Por Dios on Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch.


Work by Ola Kalnins & Flesh031.


Work by Ola Kalnins & Flesh031.


Work by Flesh031.


Work by Amara Por Dios.


Detail of work by Amara Por Dios.

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